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The day Vintage events Hire was born

Updated: Feb 27

The truth of the matter is, that Vintage events hire came about very much by accident. We are a family owned company, & the company itself was born through the desire to start a family.

My wife Holly & myself (Gav) got engaged back in 2011, & being uni-students, it was no short road to our wedding date.

One thing we learned very quickly was that, & i'm sure many of you are well aware of this, Weddings can get expensive, even if your trying to stick to a super-tight budget.

We knew pretty early on, that we wanted a very vintage theme to our wedding but were absolutely blown away by the prices & even lack of availability of hire items. We decided that we were going to source as many of the unique items we needed for our own wedding ourselves and so the adventure began. Living on some property in Camden, we have the unique opportunity to store as much as we needed, & the fun really started when we decided we were going to build our own trestle tables. I must say it was a really cool feeling having all your closest friends & family sitting at tables that you made celebrating the biggest day of your life with you.

Wedding Event Equipment Furniture Hire

The 2 days leading up-to our wedding, which we were lucky enough to have at the amazing Camden town farm, we were all busy setting up everything, with my Sister doing an amazing job of managing the styling, and we noticed that we were actually getting a lot of attention from on-lookers. We had that many people come up-to us and ask were we got our items from, that the light-bulb lit up and we realised we could actually help a lot of other people out by hiring out our event items all over Sydney.

Over the next 12 months we started to expand our range & began taking our first bookings from first birthday hire in inner west Sydney to beautiful mountainside wedding hire in Kurrajong heights and everything in between.

Wedding Event Equipment Furniture Hire

So you heard it here first, we came from very humble beginnings, & I think its helped us keep a realistic view of how we operate this company & the best way to help our customers.

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