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A New Chapter!

Updated: Feb 27

In 2021 Vintage Events Hire began a new chapter with then owners Gav & Holly making the decision to sell the business as they grew their own family.

So it was in April of 2021 that Vintage Events & Tents was born with Nic and myself (Anne) taking over ownership full of ideas and enthusiasm for what our new adventure would look like.

Wedding Event Equipment Furniture Hire

We had initially planned on slowly building up the business and growing steadily.

This wasn’t to be the case and it soon became clear that there was a great demand for our hire items.

It is quite ironic looking back at our own wedding just how much our ideas and concepts aligned with the business we now owned.

Wedding Event Equipment Furniture Hire

But let’s be honest, 2021 wasn’t very kind to the events industry.

Shortly after we began our frantic adventure, we were forced to slam on the brakes and navigate our way around months of COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions.

Far too many people were forced to postpone or cancel their events, some of whom had already had to do so from the prior year.

Coming from backgrounds where resilience is key, we did not let this road bump in our journey halter us.

We stepped back and took the time to plan, evaluate and understand the wedding and events industry in more detail.

We were fortunate and eternally grateful to make some very valuable industry partner connections along the way.

Wedding Event Equipment Furniture Hire

We are a year now into our journey and it is very encouraging to see life starting to regain some sense of normal.

Wedding Event Equipment Furniture Hire

And so our adventure continues and we are committed to delivering excellence for many more years to come.

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