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How to create a rustic theme for your next event

Updated: Feb 27

Old world charm, perfectly imperfect, Arcadian appeal are all terms we can relate to having a rustic events. The true beauty of a rustic theme, is that its really whatever you want it to be, so long as it feels right to you.

There are some considerations to take when planning your rustic event, to help get the result your looking for.

Venue Your event can still have a rustic feel, even in your own back-yard, but if that backyard is modern, sleek & probably some-what symmetrical, then just be aware it will take a lot more 'dressing down' to give it a rustic feel, and what you save in venue hire, may cost you in extra props, furniture & Decorations. Town farms, vineyards, homesteads, County parks, botanical gardens, public halls are all a great way to get an instant feel for the rustic charm. Worried about the weather, a marquee is a great way to ensure your guests stay nice and dry.

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Seating & Tables

I'm sure it goes without saying that if you want your guests to feel the theme, plastic moulded party chairs and tables just aren't going to cut it.

Trestle tables are a great option for larger party groups, & make sure you choose a chair style that complements the table.

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Feature tables are great for adding that extra element of rustic feel. Queen Anne style tables and dressers are great for placing desserts or drinks on, checkout this great cake table display.

Depending on just how rustic you want to go, straw bales are a very unique seating option, even if not at the formal dining area, you can place them around as casual seating. Try dressing them with a little Hessian to add a bit of comfort and style.

Old timber, Vintage props and rusty buckets

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This is the part were you can really get creative. get around to the local pickers markets next weekend and see what you can dig up. Old tools & wheelbarrows, old tin watering cans, reclaimed timber, can all be used to add to your theme. If the decorations you find feel a little to dirty or out of place, dont worry, Dress them with flowers, hessian or lace and they will soon tie in nicely. Try and use a matching floral arrangement throughout your styling to help your theme feel more genuine.

Don't stop at Dirty and worn, your rustic props can still have a genuine beauty about them. Check out these stunning vintage table lamps, & keep an eye out for old suitecases. We even used a vintage sewing machine for our own signing table at our wedding :).

Stylists Still feel a little lost, or just overwhelmed? Maybe its time to get a professional stylist involved, or you could even contact us for some handy tips and ideas. Many stylists specialise in different themes, so make sure you can see some examples of there work before engaging in there services.

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